Historical Expeditions to the white cliffs

Welcome to the stories of the big storms, slides, strandings, King of The Cliffs, WW2 and the cold war.

We depart from the pier next to The Bar “Klap Hesten” heading for The Cliffs where our first goal is North of Liselund. In 1904 on a dramatical stormy night a big slide in the aftermath of 1872 highwater, ate 4 hectar of the Park.

We head south leaving Liselund behind meeting the cliffs on our port side, rising from the Sea. We sail very close along the cliffs and listen to the dramatic stories of the slides, strandings, tales and stories introducing The King of the Cliffs. We end up at the light house of Møn where stories from WW2 and the cold war will fill the boat.

Did you know that a big slide in 1873 dramatical forever changed “Dronningestolen” (the Queen-chairs) close to the Geocenter and that the Germans in 1943 used the spot for testing the flying bomb “ The Mistel Hunter”. And that “Sommerspiret” fell in 1988 because a Draken Fighter from the Danish Airforce made a low high speed pass, breaking the sound barrier.

Create a group of friends and/or family and book a trip beyond your imagination.

  • Group up to 8 passengers.
  • Duration between 2.5 and 3 hours.
  • Incl. refreshment on board.

All inclusive and
fixed price

Dkr 5.950,-

The Skipper on all expeditions will be the very experienced Ole Eskling founder of The Klap Hesten and M/s Seahorse expeditions. Ole has more than 30 years experience from the 7 seas and has several times crossed the Atlantic and Pacific. He knows the waters of the Cliffs and around Møn night and day, like his own pocket. M/s Seahorse is a strong alu. construction build for northern waters and has all safety and navigation equipment on board.

Things you have to know

Weather/ Cancellations

In case of bad weather, or for other legitimate reasons, the tour must be cancelled and rescheduled for another day. Information will be sent to the booker by phone, messenger or email.

Booking and paying

Reservations can be made via the contact form, which you will find when you press the ‘book’ button. But you can also call us if that's more convenient. Payment takes place in the harbour at the Klap Hesten, before departure.

The Safety

The boat M/s Seahorse is living up to all safety standards in Denmark/EU and the skipper Ole Eskling has 30 years experience of all 7 seas.

Can you bring wheelchairs ?

Yes. Never Leave NO one behind, Check this link 😊.

Can you eat on board ?

You can book food and drinks on beforehand. Do you want Oysters and Champagne? A *** star menu or cocktails made onboard fx Octopus Delight or Dark and Stormy with a local twist? Share your thoughts, Impossible is Nothing!

Are Dogs and Horses allowed on board?


Is there toilet on board ?

No. There is a bucket and sanitary needs can be done the old sailor/woman style. In case, we give some help and privacy 😊.